Dare to be different-move away from the everyday!

Put some “ Buzz” factor into your next promotion!

Differentiate your business from the crowd.

Johnny can custom make a magical offering specifically for your project, large or small.

Have an “ Intrigue” aspect to your meetings as Johnny takes your team into some mind challenging exercises that can not only build the team, but maybe your business as well. See for yourself how a simple, everyday item can help build sales.

If you are running an awards and/or a recognition event, what better way to present this than with a professional magical entertainer who can also double as presenter and facilitator?

Professional Entertainment – affordable pricing

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Some mystery at Lombards

corporate entertainment magician australia melbourne sydney brisbane perth hobart adelaide
Great to be part of the Melbourne Storm pre match entertainment

party entertainment magician australia melbourne sydney brisbane perth hobart adelaide

  • Promote your product or service at trade shows with crowd stopping power!
  • Team building with great content activities
  • The “Magic” of being customer centric
  • Enhance your ROI on client entertainment with our roving, our cabaret or, a combination of both!
  • Seminar facilitation – with some intriguing interludes.

Johnny D – Fellow, ASMI, AAMI

Contact us now to plan your event!

We can take care of your clients in a professional way…simply because of our business experience, such as training, mentoring and coaching of people from all aspects of a business, factory floor to front office.

If you`re promoting a product or service, we can ensure that it is properly promoted, sometimes using some of our normal props but customized to add awareness.

Taking care of business is one thing, taking care of fun is another thing altogether! We specialize in fun, as well as mystery and intrigue.

When you wish to provide some light entertainment for the staff, clients, or both, then our understanding of corporates is an essential element in success factor of your event.

It makes no difference what size the business is, we tailor our performance to suit. It can be roving, cabaret or a combination of both!

Trade shows are also part of our offering, if you want to add impact to your exhibition stand and draw potential clients into it.

Sales meetings with a difference! Talk to us about taking a segment of your sales meeting and making it really different, along with any message you want to convey to the sales team.